Make, grow and give with SEED

Your complete automatic irrigation system in a box


We offer SEED (Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development), a full-service, technologically-advanced “farm in a box” that allows everyone -- from small plot farmers to windowsill growers -- to grow more food while gaining 21st century skills.



SEED kit

SEED is a DIY, off-shelf “farm in a box” that offers easy technical skills to anyone who wants to grow their own produce.

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SEED kit and app

  • Plant monitoring 

  • Plant cares database 

  • Donation updates on farmers in 1-for-1


SEED Installations

SEED offers an Ikea-like flexibility and warm aesthetic in a variety of settings. Whether it’s the DIY tinkerer, the frequent traveler, the hobbyist wanting right-out-of-the-box solutions, or the raised bed grower, our customer wants an easy way to keep their plants alive. 


The SEED compact irrigation system increases crop yields to feed a growing global population, in a sustainable, innovative and responsible way.


Our Strategy

How do you address food security and reduce agriculture’s impact on climate change? Our strategy has a twofold objective: promote soil regeneration through an efficient, user-intuitive product and create resiliency and economic growth through food production. SEED customers are “conscious consumers” interested in growing plants in various configurations, while providing a benefit to communities in need.

Our Model

We bring SEED to underserved communities by promoting a conscious consumerism focused on sustainability and positive social impact. Under our one-for-one sales model for every kit sold, one is sent to a farmer in a developing community to implement the user-friendly technology in their fields. The product is not simply a gift, but a tool to increase production yields and address a core cause of food insecurity. 

Future Forward

Reducing food insecurity and increasing resilience requires improved irrigation, increased yields, better soils, biological resource conservation and a flexible, future-forward delivery system. The sourcing of our user-friendly kit is transparent, based in ethical practices. and creates education and employment opportunities in the agtech sector for women and traditionally hard-to-employ groups.


Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.

— John Harrigan


The SEED team


Ruby Ríos, Co-Founder and CCO

Ruby holds degrees in toy design and sustainability from OTIS College of Art and Design. Her design strategy has been to maintain a balance between art, design, nature, and technology. Her strength lies in responsive branding, biomimicry, UX/UI design and interactive, and immersive educational experiences. She has designed first iterations of SEED for workshops in Cuba.


Sabrina Williams, Co-Founder and CEO

With a background in architecture, law, and urban planning, Sabrina has focused on social justice issues in urban communities. In 2000, she founded the non-profit home&community inc., and developed SEED to address food security in low-income populations. She organized SEED workshops in Cuba and South Los Angeles. Those services and network of over 600 recipients and clients provide the foundation of initial customers.