Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked. As SEED evolves and grows, we’ll have more answers!

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Who is SEED for?

SEED is for you! It’s for anyone interested in growing plants (especially food producing ones) and keeping them alive. It’s for anyone with a DIY streak that likes to create fun and useful systems. It’s also for people that want to help us create sustainable food systems and combat food insecurity.

Where does it go?

SEED can go anywhere! It is really up to you to decide if you will use the system in a window sill or a large farming plot in a community garden or your own yard.

How can i help seed grow?

As we get SEED ready for the shelves, we can always use help from coding innovators and sustainable materials gurus. As a Public Benefit Corporation we seek investors to grow. If you’re looking to help advance SEED activities, while getting a tax-deduction, SEED is also the main project of Home&Community, a non-profit where donations are always welcome!

What can seed do?

It can monitor and manage your plant moisture and, with certain add-ons, monitor soil health.

how does seed work?

SEED is a compact automatic irrigation and plant monitoring system powered by renewable energy sources — like solar or biomass — and run by Arduino.

What if it gets wet?

The SEED box is constructed to allow users to remove components and connect to a container or a planter. As a sustainable planter, the container will degrade after about 3 years (inside) or 2 years (outside) and can be composted. SEED is meant to be used indoors and outside, but if used outside to house electric components it does require protection. We have add-ons that will help protect the kit outdoors.

WhY is it called “SEED”?

SEED began as South Los Angeles Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development, but has also meant Santiago de Cuba Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development, and (fingers crossed!) South Kivu EED. It may be worth mentioning that, yes, we are open to sites that do not begin with the letter ‘S’!

More questions soon!

We look forward to answering more questions from you as we grow!